Beben Wireless Earbuds Beben T12 Beben Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Stereo True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case 5H Continuous 25H Cyclic Playtime Waterproof Headphones with mic in-Ear for Apple IOS iPhone Android Earphones Headset for Sport

Beben Wireless Earbuds

Beben T12

Beben Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Stereo True Wireless Earbuds

with Charging Case

5H Continuous 25H Cyclic Playtime

Waterproof Headphones with mic in-Ear

for Apple IOS iPhone Android Earphones Headset for Sport

Beben Wireless Earbuds Beben T12 Beben Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds:


BEBEN Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have no master earbuds, you are no longer have to wear a fixed earphone for Single Ear Mode and easily switch between Single Ear Mode and Binaural Mode. Meet your use requirements for different occasions.

Under Single Ear Mode Single ear mode

Whichever earphone you use take out another earphone,they will automatically connect and convert to binaural mode.

In Binaural mode

Put any earphone back into the charging box and the other earphone continues to work.


Single charge for 4-5H playtime and charging case could offer 6 times charging, total 30H playtime for you. Therefore, you could freely enjoy phone calls, music and movie without worry about battery. IOS system could show the battery life of earbud.

With mini portable charging case


BEBEN Earbuds T12 has feature of BLUETOOTH 5.0 technology offering stable and enough distance(30FT) connection for you. Once open the charging case and select Beben T12, it would be paired with your device. T12 will connect with the latest device automatically after first use.

One-click manipulation

Control your music and accept or reject calls with just one button


Equipped with 13mm vibrating diaphragm and HD rendering technology, 2 eabuds providing one song from stereo system through Bluetooth. Feels like hearing on the scene, providing a reality sound for you. Feelings of listening, talking and wearing are all improved.


BEBEN T12 Earbuds equipped with Button control system, control your music and phone calls via Mutifuction Button (MFB) on earbuds. ERGONOMIC DESIGN provides comfortable wear in ears without worry about falling. All these make it ultra comfortable for wearing , non hurts even for long time use.Suitable size is adequate for several scenes, such as sports, shopping, work.

Advantages of BEBEN T12 Wireless Earbuds:
1. BEBEN offers a pair of high-fidelity Bluetooth Wireless Earphones with up to 30 hours of battery life.
2. 2.You can easily switch between single and binaural mode and enjoy one-click manipulation.
3.Suitable size, easy to carry, can use in anytime anywhere, achieve what you desired.

Functions of Mutifuction Button (MFB):
Previous Song:Long Press MFB of Left earbud
Next Song:Long Press MFB of Right earbud
Play/ Pause: One Press MFB of one earbud
Pick up/ Hang up phone call: One Press MFB once of one earbud
Decline Incoming call: Long Press MFB for 2s of one earbud

Reset (If 2 earbuds can’t pair with each other or can’t connect with your device):
1. Delete the “T12” earbuds device from bluetooth list on your phone.
2. Take out two earbuds from the charging case and turn them off. (Follow Turn off – Method 2 on User Manual)
3. Long press the MFB of 2 earbuds for 15S until there are orange and white lights flashing for 1S then turn off automatically.
4. Turn on 2 earbuds (Follow Turn on – Method 2 on User Manual) after 2 seconds, double press MFB of both earbuds and 2 earbuds will connect to each other. After connected successfully, both LED lights will have orange and white lights flicker alternately.
5. After reset, please connect the earbuds to your device according to Connect to BT Device methods on User Manual.

1. If the earbuds are not in the charging case or haven’t been put back into the charging case, the turn-on of the two earbuds is independent. You need to turn on both earbuds.
2. If the earbuds can not pair with your bluetooth device or can not pair with each other, please try to reset them according to User manual or please feel free to contact us.

Package Contents:
2x Wireless Earbuds
1x Charging Case
1x USB Charging Cable (50CM/1.6FT)
1x User Manual
12 Months After-sales Service.

Beben Wireless Earbuds Beben T12 Beben Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Reviews star rating

Beben Wireless Earbuds Beben Bluetooth earbuds Reviews from customer

BEBEN Earbuds X8 BEBEN True Wireless Earbuds 6H Continuous 30H Cyclic Playtime IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case Binaural TWS Stereo Headphones Earphones Headset with Mic and Volume Control for iPhone Android Sport/Travel/Gym

BEBEN Earbuds BEBEN True Wireless Earbuds BEBEN X8 Earbuds

BEBEN 6H Continuous 30H Cyclic Playtime

IP68 Waterproof

Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

with Wireless Charging Case

Binaural TWS Stereo Headphones Earphones Headset

with Mic and Volume Control

for iPhone Android

for Sport/Travel/Gym

BEBEN BLUETOOTH 5.0 Tws X8 Earbuds & One-Step Pairing

BEBEN-X8 equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, provides more stable and One-Step connection to you. Only need to take out two earbuds or any single earbud after you open Bluetooth function, they will open and connect automatically. BEBEN-X8 Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, can connect with Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android and talk to SIRI.

IP68 Waterproof & Excellent button control

With the help of IP68 Waterproof, prevent sweat and rainwater effectively, don’t need to concern about pouring because BEBEN-X8 can avoid rainwater and sweat get into earbuds. Surprisingly, charging case is equipped with IP68 Waterproof too. Besides, BEBEN-X8 has the feature of button control, could increase or decrease the volume and go back or forward the songs etc. More convenient for you when listening music and making calls.

Reality Sound & Long Battery Life

3D Sound Effect & Binaural Stereo Effect, feel like you are listening the concert on the scene, providing a reality sound for you. Single charging can maintain earbuds working 6 hours. The Charging Case provides 4 times charging for earbuds, totally 30 hours working time. You could charge your earbuds whenever and wherever you want.

TWS & Comfortable Wearing

True Wireless Stereo’s best feature is wireless, helping people no longer have to worry about headphone wires were entangled and loose weight for ears. BEBEN-X8 single earbud only weight 4.7g, as light as one A4 paper. It feels like nothing to wear, making you have a comfortable wearing and helping you say goodbye to weight burden. Offer S, M, L sizes Ear caps to exchange Better fit, Better firmly wearing, Better comfortable with you.

What You Get & Quality Customer Care

2 x Bluetooth Earbud(M size is installed), 1 x Charging Case, 6Pairs x Ear Caps (Size S/ M/ L, Please try different sizes Ear Caps first to exchange better experience.), 1 x Micro USB Cable(30CM/1FT), 1 x User Manual. BEBEN provides 12 months of Quality Customer Care to our customers. For any issue, please get in touch with us, and we will be there within 24H.

Beben X8 Bluetooth Earbuds

How to Pair?
In the first time, take out 2 earbuds from charging case or any single earbud, and search [Beben-X8] to connect with your device. After it, when take out 2 earbuds from charging case or any single earbud from charging case, they will connect automatically.

How to Use Control Button?
Previous Song:Press button twice of Left earbud
Next Song:Press button twice of Right earbud
Play/ Pause: Press button once of one earbud
Volume +: Hold the button of Left Earbud
Volume -:Hold the button of Right Earbud
Pick up/ Hang up phone call:Press once of one earbud
Decline Incoming call: Press twice of one earbud
Turn on: Press Control Button for 3s of 2 earbuds
Turn off: Long press Control Button for 5s of 2 earbuds when device isn’t playing
Siri: Triple-click one earbud to wake Siri up & One click to turn off.

How to Reset? (When 2 earbuds can’t be paired & No sound of R Earbud & Indicator light of earbuds keep showing blue light)
1.Turn off the Bluetooth function of your device. Turn off the earbuds by long press the Control Button for 5s when your device isn’t playing, and you would hear ‘power off’.
2.Hold the Control Buttons of 2 earbuds for 5s meanwhile, then triple click the Control Buttons rapidly. The indicator lights will flash white for 1s, which means the earbuds have cleared the record and turn off.
3.Then take out 2 earbuds meanwhile and put them back into charging case to ensure 2 earbuds have power.
4.Take out 2 earbuds and earbuds will be paired with each other.
5.After restore, delete [Beben X8] on BT list of your device. Then research and connect [Beben X8] on the BT list.

What Should Be Pay Attention to?
1.Working temperature: -10℃- 60℃ & Transmission distance: 10m
2.CAN wear them to shower, bath, swim. DON’T dip earbuds.

BEBEN Earbuds BEBEN True Wireless Earbuds Reviews Star Rating

BEBEN X8 Earbuds Amazon

Beben-X8 Price : $22.99

BEBEN Wireless Earbuds Reviews from Customer

Beben Company Beben Earbuds Beben Wireless Earbuds Beben X8 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS With Wireless Charging Case Website

Beben Brand Beben Company design wireless earbuds for many years,Beben experience experts research the latest technology bluetooth 5.0 and TWS true wireless stereo technology earlier,Beben could designer better wireless earbuds in bluetooth connect more stable,TWS stable,great sound quality,more convenient using. We believe Beben true wireless earbuds will be a world top brand!

TWS is an advanced technology that change people’s earbuds using life from earbuds with cable to earbuds with wireless binaural stereo,so people can’t be bound with traditional cable,finally they are freedom and listening experience will be more change!

Beben Earbuds has been a popular brand on earth, with Beben develop so fast,more and more coperator contact us to be a regional distributor,for the past year,we developing many distributor from all over the world,Beben Earbuds Amazon sale is the top selling one for it’s great prime shipping and customer service.

Beben Earbuds

BEBEN-X8 wireless earbuds
IP68 Waterproof Sweatproof
Supports A2DP | AVRCP | HFP | HSP
Reality 3D Sound
TWS True Wireless Stereo
Comfortable Wearing
One Step Pairing automatically
Easy Carry
With Wireless Charging Case
Top Capacity Long Battery Life

Beben Company Brand Beben Website :